Tactics to Boost Physical Therapy Patients' Flow

physical therapy physical therapy patients strategic marketing Jan 18, 2024
Tactics to Boost and Increase Physical Therapy Patients' Flow for Physical Therapists

Are you stuck on the New Patient Rollercoaster? It's a ride where new evaluations and patients fluctuate, leaving you uncertain about your practice's future. If you feel like you're on the hustle of always finding new patients for your physical therapy practice, fear not – there are effective solutions to turn the tide and boost your clinic's success.

Embark on our expanded approach designed to elevate your practice and increase the flow of new patients:

Maintain Strong Connections: Keep a steady connection with your current and past patients. Utilize thank-you notes, send past patient postcards, make regular check-in calls, and establish patient referral programs. Let them know that your clinic is committed to their well-being.

Community Engagement: Foster relationships with potential future patients by actively participating in your community. Sponsor and take part in events, host educational public sessions, send out promotional materials directly to consumers, and effectively advertise your clinic to create awareness.

Nurture Referral Sources: Stay in touch with your referral sources consistently. Share updates on new techniques and technologies at your practice, personally visit their offices to provide information, and emphasize your ability to deliver prompt and effective patient results. Create a New Doctor Program so that once you get a new referral source– you keep them!

Forge Connections with Healthcare Professionals: Develop relationships with doctors, nurses, and physician assistants who aren't currently referring to you. Share information about your clinic, visit them to discuss your practice, network with them, co-sponsor events, and showcase why your clinic is the top choice for helping their patients.

Leverage Digital Marketing: Establish a strong online presence through a professional website, social media platforms, and online advertising. Implement content marketing strategies to showcase your expertise, share success stories, and provide valuable information. Utilize targeted digital ads to reach potential patients actively seeking physical therapy services.

Offer Educational Workshops: Host workshops or webinars to educate the community about the benefits of physical therapy. Discuss common conditions, preventive measures, and the role of physical therapy in overall health. This positions your clinic as an authority and attracts individuals interested in improving their well-being.

Implement Loyalty Programs: Create loyalty programs for existing patients, offering incentives for repeat visits or referrals. This not only fosters patient loyalty but also encourages them to become ambassadors for your clinic, bringing in new patients.

Implementing these tactics today will help you increase in new patients for your physical therapy practice. If you don’t know where to start and need a partner in success, contact us at 810.344.6860 ext 101 or [email protected]

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