We are the business that will help your business succeed so you can continue to give your patients top notch care!

Boost Billing Platform

Increase declining insurance reimbursements with an average of $50 more per visit!

Strategic Marketing

Increase the number of new patients from a variety of sources. 

Consulting & Data

Capture lost revenue and develop strategies for a more efficient and profitable clinic.

Our Story

Advanced Rehab Network was founded in 2014.  In 2017 Advanced Rehab Management Services was added to the family and became a licensed Third-Party Administrator. With decades of success marketing for physical and occupational therapy practices, as well as expertise in practice management, consulting, and contracting, co-owners Kristin Kocis Molzon and Lisa Selden discovered a big problem when it comes to billing for Workers’ Comp and Auto patients.

 Payers do not want to pay. 

 We are passionate about the success of our customer practices!

 We fight for every dollar from insurance companies on behalf of our customer practices.

 We love to make insurance companies pay correctly!

 We only succeed when our customer practices succeed.

As you might guess, the advantage goes to the insurance companies and providers are on the losing end.


Billing for workers’ comp and auto bills  is not only difficult due to convoluted rules, constant changes and  seemingly never-ending regulatory requirements, it’s also an area where deep discounting is common.  Even when there is a contract involved, retroactive discounting is prevalent.



There was no solution... So we created one.

We spent four years building a solution. We used technology and built the infrastructure to process workers’ comp and auto bills differently and better.  We call it the Boost Billing Platform.
Boost allows our customers to bill workers’ comp and auto bills without retroactive discounting. That means higher reimbursement for our customer practices.
Boost has successfully processed over $11,000,000 in charges on behalf of our customer practices.
With this solution, Kristin, Lisa and the whole team at Advanced Rehab Management Services are able to offer our customer practices a full circle of services and expertise required to have a top-notch physical and occupational therapy practice that is also a thriving, revenue generating business.

Meet The Owners


Our Values

  1. Be bold - It takes boldness to fight for our customers.
  2. Creative Solutions - Think outside the box
  3. Push boundaries - The old ways are not always the best ways.
  4. Be passionate - Fight for what’s right.
  5. Outperform expectations - Think Disney- Not Walmart
  6. Customers first - Our only goal is to help them succeed.
  7. Persevere - Don’t give up. Won’t give up.
  8. Team. Team. Team
  9. Make positive changes by recognizing areas that are not your expertise, and consult with the right people. Asking for help is not a weakness.
  10. Balance - Work is work. Life is Life.

We are passionate about physical and occupational therapy. Let’s talk about it!