Boost Billing Platform

The Boost Billing Platform is the solution for reduced and declining insurance reimbursements. We spent four years building a solution. We used technology and built the infrastructure to process workers’ comp and auto bills differently and better. Boost will get you higher reimbursements for Workers Compensation and Auto bills.

Boost was designed to make it as easy as possible to get higher payments, without making big changes to day to day processes.

You do not have to change your billing system/EMR. You will still need your billing staff. You do not have to change the way you treat. 

ARMS is a third-party administrator (TPA). We are government licensed to process claims and we do it while fighting for every dollar for you, the PROVIDER. Boost has successfully processed over $11,000,000 in charges on behalf of our customer practices.


   We are passionate about the success of our customer practices!

   We fight for every dollar from insurance companies on behalf of our customer practices.

   We love to make insurance companies pay correctly!