A New Year, A New Mindset for Your Physical Therapy Practice

Dec 28, 2023
A New Year, A New Mindset for Your Physical Therapy Practice

With 2024 bringing 365 new opportunities to work towards your vision and the "new year, new me" mantras echo, physical therapists face a familiar foe: the insurance labyrinth. Deductibles climbing, coverage shrinking, and reimbursements trickling, we get it, it's easy to succumb to defeat, muttering, "They control the purse strings, what can I do?"

But friends, we would like you to swap that for a victory mindset! Let's rewrite the insurance narrative in 2024, not with resignation, but with empowerment and education. Yes, the landscape is daunting. It can be stressful to deal with paperwork, codes, and denials, but knowledge is the kryptonite. Sharpening your understanding and wielding the right tools will help you navigate the maze and claim your rightful rewards.

Here's your 2024 power-up kit:

  1. Mastering the Code Maze:
  • Become a coding ninja: Equip yourself with in-depth knowledge of CPT & HCPCS codes to build airtight claims. Invest in coding courses, utilize resources like APTA's Coding Clinic, and master the lingo of reimbursement.
  • Documentation is your defense: Paint a clear picture of your patient's journey with detailed, objective documentation. Link diagnoses to interventions, demonstrate progress, and justify the need for continued care. Remember, thorough documentation speaks volumes to insurance adjusters.
  1. Weaponizing Your Expertise:
  • Quantify your worth: Don't undervalue your time and skills. Research fair market rates for your services in your region and specialty. Build your case for appropriate reimbursement based on the complexity of your interventions and your impact on patients' lives.
  • Become a patient advocate: Advocate for your patients and their right to quality care. Understand insurance plans and limitations to help patients optimize coverage and navigate appeals processes. Being their champion earns trust and loyalty, boosting practice retention.
  1. Boosting Your Arsenal:
  • Embrace tech-powered tools: Leverage software such as our Boost platform to get you higher reimbursements for workers' comp and MVA claims. Let technology work on your side while bumping up your revenue.
  • Seek expert guidance: Don't go it alone. Work with specialists and consultants who can dissect your practice and identify areas for improvement. Knowledge is power, and powerful insights can open hidden pathways to better reimbursements. Our expert eye can detect possible loopholes and help you bring more money to the table, your PT practice table!
  • If this is all just too much, hire a top-notch billing company. Advanced Medical Billing Solutions serves exclusively physical therapy clinics. Our clients receive, on average, 22% higher reimbursement when compared to their previous billing service or in-house billers

Remember, changing your mindset is just the first step. By equipping yourself with education, mastering the insurance code, and utilizing powerful tools, such as Boost, you will transform your practice into a proactive revenue engine.

 2024 is your year to rewrite the narrative. Let's equip you with knowledge, boost your practices, and claim the control you deserve.

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