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Our clients are getting an average of $50 more per visit by adding BOOST to their current billing process. 

The BOOST Processing Method is the solution to declining reimbursements for Workers Compensation and MVA (motor vehicle accident) bills. For the past 9 years, we've successfully employed this method to enhance profits for Physical Therapy Clinic owners. It's a well-established approach that can seamlessly integrate into your current billing process.

If you're seeing reductions on payments for your Workers Compensation or Motor Vehicle Accident bills, watch the video below to see why you NEED to add BOOST to your billing process... 

Get Our #1 Solution to 2x Higher Reimbursements and Start Generating Additional Revenue WITHOUT Adding A Single Patient


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A PT Clinic in Michigan used BOOST for one patient with 10 visits resulting an additional $541.72 for the clinic.

What would your practice do with an additional $129,888 per year?

We are changing the game for physical therapy clinics. 

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The Clinic didn't do anything different other than send the bill to us.

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